The EdgeX4 was developed to simplify your production goals in four ways:


The cross center tip eliminates all carbide cutting edges!

Production time is only 4-6 weeks. That’s up to 1/4 of the “normal” lead time.

Up to 3x faster than carbide.

Speeds and feeds result in shorter cycle times.


The hardest grade of solid wafer PCD manufactured – period.

Prevents premature breakdown of the drill point as compared to outboard tipped drills.


Skip the regrind process over 10x longer than you would have. <pause. reflect> Ahhh.

Less stopping and tool changing. That could even be 800,000 holes in some applications!

Lengthen your production cycles.

Over 10x stronger than the best maintained carbide comparison.

Better wear resistance versus standard grade PCD.


Improve your company’s efficiency: fewer tools sitting in inventory, fewer regrinds, fewer scraps.

Less premature failure with wear or breakdown at the chisel.

Significant cost savings per hole.

4-6 weeks delivery time, compared to the competitor’s 16-20 weeks. 

We educate best practices to your team to ensure proper handling, eliminating user error. 

Not all drills are created equally.

Save Yourself from the Constant Grind.

Make Every Hole Count.

Join the Leading Edge Movement.

Decades have been dedicated to the evolution of effective drills. Steel to carbide to PCD outboard tipped. Yet here we are. Engineers across all industries including automotive, aerospace and several metal fabricators of technology have identified the need for a better solution. Faster, longer, stronger and efficient. There has to be a better way.

To improve the process, you have to know it through and through. You have to acknowledge the frustrations of your global partners, yet question why we are all conditioned to accept regrind after regrind and the excessive machine down time and QA involved. This is the system we’ve all been used to- but it shouldn’t be this way.  And thanks to our innovation in creating the EdgeX4, it doesn’t have to be.

Innovators of the EdgeX4

That’s what our EdgeX4 innovators at West Ohio Tool Co. believe. We’ have been developing and making tooling solutions for more than 30 years.

Although our company has grown into a multi-million dollar success – we want to stop the daily regrind. Yes, that’s right.  We actually want to keep your production moving forward and help you get it right the first time. That way everyone can focus on getting the important things done.

Through our ingenuity and vision for a new, better way to make tools last longer, stand stronger and work faster for our customers and industry, our one of a kind EdgeX4 drill solution has many competitors scratching their heads on how we created it. Well, we won’t divulge the epiphany of the process, but we can tell you it wasn’t born in a pricey vacuum chamber. However it’s stronger than if it had.

The EdgeX4 has been tested by manufacturing partners across the country. For diecast aluminum, the EdgeX4 is proving to last more than 10x longer than competitor drills without needing a regrind.

The EdgeX4 makes the point of entry the focus

Are you ready to be on the cutting edge of what solid, PCD drilling can do for your production timelines? Give our West Ohio Tool Co. team a call and see what a difference the proprietary development of the strongest drill to date can do for you. Be the hero of your team.

Introduce the EdgeX4 solid PCD Cross-Center Tipped Drill to your engineers, and let them see for themselves the difference a faster, stronger, longer lasting, and more efficient drill can do for them.

You’re Engineering Our Future

You Shouldn’t Have to Wait for the Right Tools


PCD – The Hole Truth

Not all PCD is concentrated equally. 

PCD is measured by grain sizes that range from nanometers to hundreds of micrometers, usually referred to as nanocrystalline and microcrystalline. Smaller particles in higher quantity provide higher grade tooling.

Just like the thread count of your Egyptian cotton sheets, Not all PCD is created the same. The concentration of higher quantity grain affects the performance of higher grade tooling. For the EdgeX4, only the highest concentrate of PCD is used in the cross center tipped – giving you the strongest edge for every hole you make.

The application of this tool in both laboratory testing and in production has demonstrated that this concentrated technology provides an attractive solution for CFRP machining in terms of tool life, cutting speed, surface quality and most importantly, productivity and cost efficiency.

The challenges have been how to effectively and efficiently apply solid diamond materials while running zero surface footage at the center to form an effective cutting “Edge” – faster, stronger, longer and more efficient!

Thanks to the experience and ingenuity of our team, we have partnered with the highest grade, highest concentration of PCD on the globe and perfected a new way to marry solid PCD to carbide. Be a part of the leading edge. Get the EdgeX4 drill.